Build, automate, manage, and support cloud infrastructure.

Common topics: Serverless K8s, EKS, Lambda, Networking

nCodeLibrary Bundles

Real-world cloud infrastructure packages built with our code libraries.

What is nCodeLibrary

nCodeLibrary is an extensive infrastructure as code (IaC) library that simplifies provisioning resources in AWS. nCodeLibrary allows you to quickly spin up cloud environments based on pre-designed configurations that have been previously tested and optimized by nClouds’ engineering team. It ensures that all resources are created in an automated manner and that security and best practices are being enforced across all resources.

nCodeLibrary infrastructure modules

nCodeLibrary's infrastructure modules have been designed with best practices in mind. Each of these modules creates the most secure and best-performing version of a cloud resource possible. By building complete environments with these modules, they inherit all these best practices to the overall infrastructure.

Infrastructure resources created with nCodeLibrary libraries already come with nClouds’ naming and tagging standards for resources, making it easier to perform tasks like cost tracking by environment in nCodeLibrary. This naming and tagging standard also integrates with nClouds 24/7 Support Services, automating the creation of alerts and monitoring on the most important metrics for all environments deployed.