As organization we provide different tools to help you achieve compliance so you can certify your solutions with the major standards out there. We know the process sometimes might be unclear using cloud infrastructure, but that’s why we are here.

We provide you several secure modules and bundles that will let you focus on your app and the rest is on our side. We rely on big names like Istio to provide E2E encryption in your kubernetes environments and if your flavor is ECS we also got you covered since our infrastructure follows the AWS best practices.

We Also provide visibility with our Security Dashboard Section on nOps so you can be alerted no only on AWS Well-Architected Framework but also on different Standards

Ready to deploy supported Standards

Here are some of our ready to deploy bundles that will save you time on your journey to compliance certification.


Architecture Diagram



Architecture Diagram

diagram coming soon


We also offer different packages of hours so we can walk you through or even setup the different configurations to get certified or comply with standards like:

CIS AWS (Using Security Hub)

CIS Kubernetes

ISO 27001