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Bottlerocket EKS example

Configuration in this directory creates the following EKS Resources.

  • EKS Control Plane
  • IAM Role for Control Plane
  • IAM Role for Worker Nodes
  • Security Groups
  • Worker Nodes in an AutoScaling Group

The worker nodes are created from the Latest BottleRocket AMI for EKS.

    data "aws_ssm_parameter" "eks_ami" {
    name = "/aws/service/bottlerocket/aws-k8s-${var.eks_version}/x86_64/latest/image_id"

You can choose to create an EKS setup with the following options:

  • Create an EKS setup in an existing VPC:
        create_vpc = false          # Default setup
  • Create an EKS setup in a new VPC: This creates a new VPC in your account and then provisions EKS resources inside that VPC.
        create_vpc = true


To run this example you need to execute:

$ terraform init
$ terraform plan
$ terraform apply

Note that this example may create resources which cost money. Run terraform destroy when you don’t need these resources.